Morela Enamel


An elegant, versatile tote with Amazon Zero Deforestation leather handles, Morela Enamel is the ideal companion for day to day use and special occasions. An instant conversation piece that is crafted by hand featuring intricate crochet with detailing that runs along the length of the zipper closure and a large internal pocket.

Morela Enamel is both a practical day bag and sustainable style statement. 

The Morela Enamel delivers a whole new aesthetic, featuring the stunning new Bottletop Enamel Technique, refined at the Bottletop atelier in Brazil. A unique combination of paints and lacquers have been used to develop a finish that is smooth and soft but with a sparkling, glossy bounce. 

Over time the enamel finish will gradually fade in parts of heavy use to reveal the sparkling metal hidden beneath in a way that is unique to each design.  The process enhances the aesthetic qualities of the design and reflects the fact that each bag is a work of art.

16 in wide x 12 in high, 19 in handle

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